Installing Your Above Ground Soft Side Pools

Proper installation and preparation will give your soft side pool a much longer lifespan, allowing you to enjoy your very own swimming mecca for years to come.

1 - Find a good level surface that expands at least 3 feet beyond the edges of your pool. It may help to use a tape measure.

2 - If you are placing your pool on soft soil, we suggest water packing it prior to installing your pool. Remember, these pools hold upwards of 8000 gallons of water. At roughly 8 lbs. per gallon, that means that over 32 tons of water will be bearing it's weight in your yard. If the ground settles, you can run a risk of breaching your pool.

3 - Use extra support, such as flat cinder panel underneath the frame support legs. While the support legs are more design for shape retention than actual structural hold, and enormous amount of pressure will be put upon them. Your yard and your pool will thank you!